Diode Pumped Lasers

Up to 100 W average power

InnoLas DPSS lasers offer excellent cost-performance-ratio, high availability, simple handling and straight forward design. State of the art technology with optimum performance - perfect for all applications demanding high average power or long lifetime operation.

SpitLight DPSS lasers offer low to moderate average power systems, reaching from 3 to 250 mJ infrared laser pulse energies at a standard repetition rate of 100 Hz.

The SpitLight EVO series is heading for the high power region, starting at 150 mJ up to 1000 mJ pulse energy. The EVO is also offering higher repetition rates.
SpitLight Compact DPSS
SpitLight DPSS 250
SpitLight EVO
SpitLight DPSS DRY
DPSS Multi-Pulse Lasers